Multiple of 26

I want to fly away from what I have become. So I am gonna write myself down here and leave myself , forget these cold days deep in my pocket.
T for a nose and
O for a brain.
An E for a forever twisted mouth and
S for my two eyes.
Two Ss actually, because I wear glasses.
I & J for my legs, because I am always nervous so I keep one of my legs twisted at a weird angle.
M for my right hand and
N for my left one.
My teeth.
My teeth that blush and explode with guilt.
I can find no proper letter for my hair, because it is curly and expands like a flower. Like me, when I cry. Like my fist, when I shiver. Like my memory, when I refuse to remember. Like my fear, when I don’t.
Maybe Qs and Ws and Ys and Zs could sort of explain my hair, though. They are the least used letters where I come from. Because people don’t know how to put them in words. Because my hair can’t be braided, but my bones can.
X for my heart.
V for my lungs.
B for my ears, when I hear too much. Grass growing and snow falling and the darkness humming around me.


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